Show Trials - A New Perspective on Immigration Reform

Named an Indie Awards National Finalist for 2012, Show Trials delivers a powerful contemporary narrative of the immigration system that forces readers to rethink and question some of their basic assumptions about modern immigration policy and immigration reform  As a narrative, nonfiction book for the general reader audience, Show Trials adds a significant new dimension to the questions surrounding immigration reform.  Reviewed favorably by scholars, Pulitzer Prize winners, and federal law magazines, the book delivers a framework and concrete set of reforms to improve the immigration system and secure meaningful immigration reform.

NBC’s famed news anchor and reporter Colleen Williams interviewed Peter about the book and immigration issues, and you can view that interview here.  CBS’s Emmy winning journalist Catherina Anaya also interviewed Peter about the book and immigration reform.

Show Trials Book

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I enjoyed this book very much as Peter Afrasiabi obviously writes from his heart, using his vast experience and own ethics as the guideline. He exposes the weakness of a system meant to protect. I applaud him for having the backbone to do so…

— Brenda Ballard, Award Winning Historical Fiction Author