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Introduction – Identifying the Problems of a Failed System

Chapter 1 – The Gulf Between Immigration Judges and Constitutional Judges

Where we see photos of a Pop Superstar get more legal protection than a rice farmer fleeing torture abroad, and where we assess with compiled data the shortcomings of the immigration judiciary compared to the stellar federal court judiciary.

Chapter 2 – From Surf City to Syria: The Law’s Failure

Where we assess the historical development of the immigration system that was once designed to serve American ideals of justice and then its devolution starting in 1996 to a system that permits serious errors in life and liberty cases and refuses to allow neutral federal courts to fix the errors.

Chapter 3 – No Child Left Behind? How Federal Courts Deport American Citizen Children

Where we assess American citizen children who are de facto deported with their noncitizen parents, often to lands that are as foreign to them as anyone else, and how no court system does anything to protect the children.

Chapter 4 – Winning at All Costs: Government Lawyers

Where we assess overzealous government lawyers who lose sight of justice in a system that does not regulate their behavior the same way their property court contemporaries are regulated.

Chapter 5 – Overworked and Underpaid: The Private Immigration Bar

Where we assess the private bar of immigration lawyers who are overworked and underpaid and who fail their clients at staggeringly higher rates than property lawyers fail their clients.

Chapter 6 – From Saddam Hussein’s Torture Chambers to an American Jail: Immigrants Without Lawyers

Where we assess the immigrant without a lawyer–a scenario that occurs in 60% of all cases–and where remarkable world events and pro bono lawyers can occasionally save the day…but where others slip through the cracks because there are simply too many unrepresented immigrants in need.

Conclusion – Restoring Justice

Where seven detailed reforms are proposed to restore justice to the immigration system and bring its structure into harmony with legal structures we have in place for property rights.

Afterword – Client Secrets


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