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Immigration policy today is in the news constantly and there are numerous groups from the entire political spectrum involved in a vigorous battle over immigration policy at various state levels as well as the federal level.  You can make a difference by voicing your opinion about the current state of the system.

If you agree with the proposals outlined in Show Trials, please sign the Reform Petition on the right that will be delivered to Congress to help advocate for change.

You can, however, do more than just sign a petition. If you want to get involved in grass-roots campaigns to advocate for immigration reform and change, the following are a list of some current immigration issues and advocacy groups involved in such issues. They need your help.

DREAM Act. As Show Trials discussed, this national act did not survive the politics of Congress. DREAM Act-eligible children need protection and citizen children need protection form deportation too. Organizations are still working hard to get the national DREAM Act enacted and to lobby the current Administration to cease deportation of families with citizen children, and they need your help.

Here is a listing of some such organizations:

Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070. As mentioned in Show Trials, this bill was enacted into law in Arizona in 2010. Under this state law, it is a misdemeanor crime for a noncitizen to be in Arizona without legal documents or for a noncitizen to apply for a job. The bill has been challenged by the United States government as well as a variety of pro bono legal organizations as violating the federal government’s immigration mandates, and they too need your help. Thus far, the federal courts have ruled the law unconstitutional. In April of 2012, the Supreme Court heard arguments about Arizona’s law, with a decision expected by late June 2012. The challenge is not over and many other states have similar laws planned. Here is a listing of organizations involved in the ongoing policy and political challenges to 1070:

  • ACLU of Arizona
  • Occupy Phoenix
  • Arizonans Against the Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070 (on Facebook)

Your Local Congressperson. You can also contact your local congressperson to state your opinion on needed reforms to immigration law. Here is a national map that you can use to find your congressperson.

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